Wednesday Art Afternoons : all things OCEAN!


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An epic, fun, beautiful & powerful theme this spring:  wonderful art Wednesday afternoons in the studio is all things OCEAN!

“I’ve never worked in a real art studio, I love it!” – child artist, age 6

“The energy of the Studio is so warm and inviting. My son walks right in and settles down into the space ready to learn about the projects of the day.  Between the soft lights and the natural materials ready to be used in the day’s projects, I find myself not wanting to leave!”  – Sarah Marshall, parent of child age 5

Who: Children ages 4 – 8. 

Teaching Team: Christina Mesevage + Christina Bechstein
We are a unique team with each of us having diverse, skilled and certified training and experience in: Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Program, Reggio Emilia, Public School, advanced degrees, art and contemporary art education pedagogy of all kinds and more. We center the child as artist within our caring creative community.

What: In this creative fun child drop-off after school workshop, we will be doing lots of different art mediums all focused on the OCEAN! Our afternoon art classes all begin with a thoughtfully chosen book (this spring all OCEAN themed) , we introduce the project, and then we get to work! We do several different art projects, sometimes do a bit of movement too, and the children if time might play with our blocks and look at books. It’s a very sweet, playful, thoughtful and super creative time for children in the studio!
The children are part of a tender community, and introduced to care filled real art projects and curated materials, all on our joyful art studio.
Did you know, that from our little children’s drawing nook in the studio, you can see the ocean? It is there constantly to remind us of its presence and beauty. It’s one of the reasons why we try to use only materials that if they got into the ocean wouldn’t harm it, and it’s also why we want to study it. We will learn about caring for the ocean, and we will learn about artists who study, paint and do art about and in it. We will do fun projects that have to do with boats, bridges (we have a big one crossing the water right outside our studio!), ocean creatures, ocean grasses and flowers.

Cost: $25 per session and different pricing structures depending on the month. Price includes 2 teachers for 1.5 + hrs, all the amazing materials, plus an exhibit bonus at 1st Friday at the end! Please let us know if you need sliding scale to attend, so we can support you. And if you can chip in extra to help another child attend, please do and thank you! Note: If you decide to sign up for all the sessions, we will receive a special creative family materials/project box for you with some of our favorite materials!

When: Wednesday afternoons, 3:45 – 5:15 pm / (3 wk session!) 
* April (last session 
* May (5 sessions 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29) $125
* June (2 sessions 6/5, 6/12) $50
* both months: sign up for both months (May + June) and you get a special gift for us from Love Lab Studio to keep creativity going in your home!
Where: At the studio – Love Lab Studio @ 26 Brackett Street, Portland Maine

Final art show: We will be hanging artwork in the studio prior to each 1st Friday! Join us for 1st Friday from 4 – 7 pm.

Children are dropped off at 3:45. Please have a little snack before you arrive! We won’t have snacks for this afternoon workshop, but we will do water/tea breaks as needed.

Things helpful to bring: For children please bring a water bottle (we have cups for water too) and  consider bringing a cozy pair of slippers if you have them (socks are OK too) to wear in our studio. We will have 1 make-up class available if needed for children, incase of sickness or if something comes up. We are happy to always find a way to work with your family. If you need a sibling discount to help make this affordable for your family (1/2 off second child) please contact us to request and we can set it up for you! Prior to starting class, each student caregiver must sign and return our student info sheet packet (includes media form, release form, and other important info), we will have that in the studio for you to fill out. Price includes all materials!
We can’t wait to get in the studio with you all!

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Number of Sessions

a) April (3 sessions 4/3, 4/10, 4/24), b) April (2 Sessions 4/10, 4/24), c) May (5 sessions 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29), d) June (2 sessions 6/5, 6/12), e) All 3 months: April, May June, f) April 24th only, g) May 15th only, h) May 22nd only, i) May 29th only