Holiday making party/workshops – for children!


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Announcing this month: super fun holiday making party for the children.
Because this is such a fun month to make things…
We are having some extra special workshops – called “making parties” in the studio. Our projects as always will investigate diverse media and art making methods, with processes that support the creative development and voice of the child. The holiday workshop parties are especially geared around some super fun products to decorate with and give to friends and families. We will introduce through books children can look at, various holidays that families celebrate during this month including Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas and winter light festivals. We will curate a beautiful set of materials and projects for each of these workshops, that are also mindful to our shared environment.

Children will come home with a bag of beautiful creations!

+ holiday making party 2: garlands + ornaments + plus!  Friday afternoon, 12.20, 3:30 – 5 pm, $25 wool stars, soft wool birds and little stockings, hand-printed paper chains, gorgeous wool yarns, older children can needle felt, and other cloth and paper materials to choose from will be transformed into garlands! * this is a children’s drop off workshop Price includes materials.

Some of our values
* The whole child: social & emotional development and inclusion within a caring community
* The child as communicator: language development through participation, listening, poetry
* The child as co-creator: project based, hands on, and individual learning
* The child as artist: centering arts, creativity + imagination
* The child as informed citizen: community member, global & ecological participant

Children: We welcome and celebrate a mixed age group of  children ages 5 – 9. We can accommodate children who are a tad younger or a tad older, if they are the right temperament to be with the group! We find some 4 years olds are engaged with a long workshop, and some 10 year olds with siblings love the projects and the mixed age group! Please inquire.

Teaching Team: Christina Bechstein + Love Lab teaching team
Our teachers are highly experienced, caring artists and teachers, who believe that fostering respect for children and their creativity is one of the ways we co-create a better world. We are a unique team with each of us having different, skilled and certified training and experience in: Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Program, Reggio Emilia, Public School, Waldorf Schools, and Art pedagogy of all kinds and more. We also have caring, skilled art assistants that are added depending on the size of workshops.

Cost: $25 per party/workshop
This is for a 1.5 + hrs plus all the amazing materials. Please let us know if you need sliding scale to attend, so we can try to support you if we can. And if you can chip in extra to help another child attend, and provide for someone else to attend, please do and thank you! 

Where: At the studio – 26 Brackett Street, Portland Maine
Our space is bright and newly renovated, known as Love Lab Studio. The design is thoughtfully curated for the needs of the children. We are located in a mixed residential and retail neighborhood in the West End of Portland, at the edge of a beautiful park and playground and a nearby urban food forest.

Some details:
Children are dropped off at 3:30. Please have a little snack before you arrive! We know that some children can’t arrive right at 3:30 – that’s okay! Just let us know. We won’t have snacks for this workshop, but we will do water/tea breaks as needed.

Things helpful to bring: For children please bring a water bottle (we have cups for water too), a little sweater, and a cozy pair of slippers if you have them (socks are OK too) to wear in our studio. Prior to starting class, each student caregiver must sign and return our student info sheet packet (includes media form, release form, and other important info). In the event of snow cancellation don’t worry, we will have additional make-up and other options for each family. rice includes all materials!

We can’t wait to get in the studio with you all!

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