Breathing Drawing Video


Click below for video preview!


This week one of our favorite mini-projects: breathing drawing! Christina + Melu here again at Love Lab home studio, to help inspire you!

Some things to consider:
> gather marking tools: any crayon, pencil or marker (or flour – you’ll see!)
> gather surfaces: any paper, cardboard, or a cookie sheet or table
> why this can be helpful: mindful breathing in and out, when you integrate a long exhale, can support the nervous system and is yet another way to tend to stress and anxiety.
> who: this is a fun, slow, abstract and drawing process that lends well to the whole family making them or collaborating together. It’s a way to re-set from a day, and something to play with as you organize your weeks or if you need a re-set. All ages, especially with flour!
> PLUS! It’s a way to create your own ‘coloring pages’ with spaces to fill in with color, pattern, or more drawing.
OVER TO YOU: what variation can you come up with?! TAG #lovelabstudio and #lovetendcreate so we can cheer you on and re-share your work.

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