Winter break 2022: art studio mornings!


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For this February Winter Break, we are offering a fun series of morning artmaking!
This is a great way to give your children something to look forward to (fun time in the studio!) and do it in a safe and healthy way for your family.

Winter break 2022: art studio mornings!
(Monday, Tuesday + Wednesday 9 – 11 am)

This winter break will have both theme projects and an open-ended “potion + invention” area for young artists to play and make. We will be working on a larger collaborative project, as well as time for individual expressive work on easels and of course the projects we always create for children to choose from. Because this is 3 mornings in a row, children will also have projects they will be able to come back to and keep adding onto.

Just like all our programming, we will make a lot of art! Some process, some craft, all art – we mix it up intentionally and also integrate time for collaborative creative choice, looking at our amazing books, and always play (with blocks, animals, dollhouse, kitchen, or just with open creative art play).

We structure each workshop the same so that children come right into an engaging art activity at the big tables! (no waiting around) When you arrive – the children take off shoes, put things away in a cubby (we put their name up each time), wash hands at the art sink – and then get to work! After that, we gather up for a caring welcome on the circle sun rug and sometimes read a book, sometimes some thematic movement/yoga, go over the projects for the day (usually 3 at different stations) and the children keep at it! It’s a busy and fun time for them, and they seem to really respond to all the individual choice and creative freedom.

WHO ages 5 – 11
WHEN Winter Break, February 21, 22, 23 (Monday, Tuesday + Wednesday 9 – 11 am)
TEACHING TEAM Lead teachers include Christina Bechstein, with co-teachers and visiting teaching artists –  like lead teacher Sally Caruso, or Emilia Dahlin, Kelly McConnell, and others. Our creative team includes Art teachers and classroom teachers very skilled in many pedagogies and with years of teaching experience in private and public schools and also college level. We work to set up a caring and super creative environment, and see it as a complete honor to support the individual voice and creativity of your children!

WHERE At the studio!  – Love Lab Studio @ 26 Brackett Street, Portland Maine, adjacent to a beautiful city park and nearby playground. We are located in a mixed residential and commercial area, and usually, there is ample parking available. We are located across from “good medicine” a space for healers and doctors, and we are right next door to the sweet new cafe “smalls”, and diagonal to the lovely Harbor view park.

PLEASE BRING For the winter break mornings, please have children bring a water bottle, a little sweater, an extra mask, and a cozy pair of slippers or socks, or when it gets warm bare feet are fine. We are asking starting February 2022 that all families consider trying and switching to a KF94 or N95 mask for children if they haven’t already. Prior to starting class, each parent/guardian must sign and return our student info sheet packet (includes media form, release form, and other important info). We are working to get that system online, so stay tuned for that! A reminder: no snacks in studio! Please make sure children have breakfast and a little snack before they arrive!

HEALTHY POLICY We will need everyone to help us keep the studio and our community safe and healthy this winter + spring. The studio is following strict and caring guidelines for Covid safety and health of all children and the community and will continue to follow the CDC updates. We do adjust and at times make our recommendations stricter than the CDC, for instance with our suggested mask policy (we are asking if possible for children to wear KF94 or N95 masks). All children and adults will need to be masked at all times. We are also asking all families to be very transparent and if in any doubt at all stay home and test before coming back to the studio. To support us all in the case that a child needs to be home or the studio needs to be home, we are creating some fun online videos and mini-kits for children and families and will offer this as our backup. We aren’t able to offer refunds so we are putting a lot of thought into some amazing art kits/videos in case we need them. To help keep us safe and healthy in the studio, the teachers will all wear KF94 or N95 masks and are fully vaccinated. Inside the studio, we have high ceilings with fans, a high-quality HEPA filter, and windows to keep the air moving we periodically open in the winter and leave open in the spring. We sanitize and clean all surfaces daily and as we go, and we wash hands all the time. We feel with care and community partnership, we can all strive to keep our community healthy.

ALSO Children are dropped off at 9 am and picked up at 11 am.
Please take time to have a snack before you arrive, as we won’t be eating in the studio. Children can take water breaks as needed. At the end of the 3 days, children will take Art home. Time in the studio is a super fun, healing, and transformational time. See you soon at the studio!