Summer Art Camp! (ages 4 – 9)


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The best summer creativity is happening at Love Lab Studio!

We are so excited  –  our summer art camp series!
Each sweet week’s theme and art is influenced by nature, contemporary/historical artists and change makers. Specific books are carefully curated to align with each theme, and thoughtful literacy games with discussions are interwoven throughout the day.  All materials are high quality, sustainably and so mindfully chosen–recycled, high quality paper or ethically made.

We respond to the energy of the children with thoughtful rhythm of play and art. A different art process in the studio greets the children as they arrive, so they get to get right to work! We then begin our day with greetings, songs, playful movement games or nurturing yoga. Fun community play inside (and out!) includes creative mud kitchen, kites/whirly-gigs and bubbles at the playground and park. Our creative teaching approach is inquiry-based, and we support the curiosity and imagination of the young child.

some of our values
* The whole child: social & emotional development, inclusion within a caring community
* Child as communicator: language development through participation, listening, poetry
* Child as co-creator: project based, hands on, individual learning
* Child as artist: centering arts, creativity + imagination
* Child as informed citizen: community member, global + ecological participant

our weeks
wk 1  boats + bridges  June 25, 26, 27
In boats + bridges, children will use all mediums including: painting, drawing, printmaking and cardboard/wood (yes!)/recycled paper building to explore the super fun (and Maine!) theme of boats and bridges.

wk 2  mud + sticks  July 9, 10, 11
In mud + sticks, children will use only natural materials including: mud paint and all natural paint, charcoal, mud kitchen, sticks, feet painting, making our own art tools etc to make exploratory artwork using all nature. This will be a fun one – all mud!

wk 3  buildings + maps  July 16, 17,18
In buildings + maps, children as young architects will have so much fun creating imaginative and real cityscapes, buildings, tiny models and maps and giant box plus wood buildings through the use of various mediums including: printmaking and cardboard/wood building, drawing and painting. Children will also be a part of creating a collaborative entry for a Design Competition to Celebrate Portland, Maine called “The Complete City: Imagined.”

wk 4  pop-up shop  July 23, 24, 25
In pop-up shop, children will work collaboratively on co-creating a shop and individually on items for the shop. We will use model making, building with cardboard, wood and decorating of all kinds of ways for this fun camp. We will also explore ideas around money, caring for others and reciprocity. Think lemonade stand – but for art!

wk 5  make a book + stories July 30, 31 Aug 1
In make a book + stories, children will create individual and collaborative books (we will publish our own in the studio!). Imagine comic books, story books, cook books and alphabet books. We will explore multiple kinds of book making as well as working on writing and illustrating stories (just drawing stories can just be pictures too!).

wk 6  paint a mural + public art Aug 6, 7, 8
In paint a mural + public art camp, children will learn about public art and get to work on a real live project including a mural! Building a model, dreaming of possibilities, learning about temporary and more permanent public art, this will be a fun and powerful camp!

wk 7  my favorite animal(s) Aug 13, 14, 15
In my favorite animal(s), children will explore beloved creatures large and small of their choice through use of various mediums (including: painting, drawing, printmaking, soft sculptural sewing of their own stuffies plus one in paper mache). All kinds of fun!

We welcome +  celebrate a mixed age group of children, ages 4 – 9.
Teachers: Lead curriculum organizing teachers Christina Bechstein and Christina Mesevage are a unique team, each having diverse, highly skilled and certified experience in: Columbia Teachers College Reading & Writing Program, Reggio Emilia, Public School, advanced degrees, Service Learning, Art and contemporary art education pedagogy of all kinds and more. Our team is so excited to also include practicing Public, Waldorf and International elementary school Art and Classroom teachers including Ouda Baxter, Sam D’Onofrio and Elise Bothel! Caring, skilled assistants are also integrated into our studio community.

when + pricing
Our camp runs 3 full days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9 am – 3 pm
Choices include:
all full days: 9 am – 3 pm =  $197
½ day mornings: 9 am – noon = $120
½ day afternoons: noon – 3 pm = $120
Price includes all amazing materials plus 2 – 3 teachers! If you can contribute to help another child attend, we welcome your donation. If you need support with a sibling discount to attend, please reach out. If you need early drop off or later pick up, please reach out.

other details
Please send children with a water bottle, an extra set of clothes (just in case) and a cozy pair of slippers or socks to wear in the studio. Please bring weather appropriate gear: rain pants, etc & boots when muddy, sun hat when sunny! If your child is with us for a full day, please send them with lunch. Prior to starting class, each student caregiver must sign and return our student info sheet packet (includes media form, release form, and other important info), we will get those to you prior to the start of camp. Prior to camp starting, we will send out an email with other details and reminders.

our space
Our space is a fun – bright and newly renovated children’s art studio, known as Love Lab Studio. The design is thoughtfully curated for the needs of the children. We are located at 26 Brackett Street, a mixed residential and retail neighborhood in the West End of Portland, at the edge of a beautiful park and playground and a nearby urban food forest.

We can’t wait to get into the studio with you!

Additional information

Camp Choices

wk 1 BOATS + BRIDGES full day, wk 1 BOATS + BRIDGES ½ day morning, wk 1 BOATS + BRIDGES ½ day afternoon, wk 2 MUD + STICKS full day, wk 2 MUD + STICKS ½ day morning, wk 2 MUD + STICKS ½ day afternoon, wk 3 BUILDINGS + MAPS full day, wk 3 BUILDINGS + MAPS ½ day morning, wk 3 BUILDINGS + MAPS ½ day afternoon, wk 4 POP-UP SHOP full day, wk 4 POP-UP SHOP ½ day morning, wk 4 POP-UP SHOP ½ day afternoon, wk 5 MAKE A BOOK + STORIES full day, wk 5 MAKE A BOOK ½ day morning, wk 5 MAKE A BOOK ½ day afternoon, wk 6 PAINT A MURAL + PUBLIC ART full day, wk 6 PAINT A MURAL + PUBLIC ART ½ day morning, wk 6 PAINT A MURAL + PUBLIC ART ½ day afternoon, wk 7 MY FAVORITE ANIMAL(s) full day, wk 7 MY FAVORITE ANIMAL(s) ½ day morning, wk 7 MY FAVORITE ANIMAL(s) ½ day afternoon