Summer Art Camp 2022 (August)



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This summer, we are offering Art Camps in June, July and August.
This August, our studio will have both mixed-age,  younger children, and older kid art camps. If you are signing up siblings to the same workshop and your family financially needs a discount, please enter the code sibling10. If you are able, we ask families to consider chipping in towards our scholarship fund to support a child to attend camp who normally couldn’t.

Additionally, we will be announcing 1 time weekend and evening workshops as the summer evolves, and monthly launching fun summer art camp projects kits to go! Keep in touch!

wk 6 – jam it up: music + art
August 1, 2, 3
Mixed ages 7 – 12
9 am – 3 pm

A song can be an affirmation, a way to support ourselves by hearing just the right messages we need to move through a tough time, or to inspire us! Collaboratively and individually, we’ll write a song for ourselves. What are the songs that inspire you? The song that makes you want to dance or help you through a challenging time? Using a multi-step process, we’ll weave together writing, melodies, and music to craft a song that’s entirely authored by YOU with accompaniment provided by beloved teaching musician artist Emilia Dahlin. Our second year running this camp, this is a special session geared towards mixed age and older children. Our work over the summer with Emilia will culminate in an animation music video! Making art, books and music, children will go home with a small sketchbook and artist bag to hold their notes, songs, drawings, and dreams. In this 3-day art camp that runs 9 am – 3 pm, skilled Collaborative Guest Teaching Musician Emilia Dahlin will collaborate with Christina and the team on daily projects.

wk 7 – my favorite animal
August 8, 9, 10
Younger kids 4 – 8
9 am – 3 pm

We are revisiting this favorite fun art camp from a few years ago! Children have an innate and deep love of animals, and we will celebrate and study them with our art! Maine artists past and present including Ashley Bryan, Bernard Langlais, and Dahlov Ipcar will inspire our work as we make sculptural animals together with wood, small puppet animals, and more. We will also create gorgeous prints and large collages of our favorite animals. This 3-day younger kid art camp will be super fun!

wk 8 – fashion, dolls, community + me
August 15, 16, 17
Mixed ages 6 – 12
9 am – 3 pm

This fun camp will explore textile and fashion design! Using 2-d mediums like ink drawing and collage to design as fashion illustrators, we will make study/sketch idea books, art, and then use different methods to print and design our own cloth, even bringing in a recycled shirt/dress to transform, then turn our cloth into real creations – for our dolls and some accessories for ourselves too. We will look at contemporary mixed media fashion designers artists Nick Cave, and the local textile work of Loquat Shop, and others. For this camp, please bring your favorite doll so we can support them with new fashion! We will take our dolls on some outside adventures to the park, plus each child will have a fun little handmade suitcase/wardrobe box to take home and play with for hours all summer long. At the end of this camp, we will do a little “fashion show”!

wk 9 – art in the world: public art + architecture
August 22, 23, 24
Mixed ages 7 – 12
9 am – 3 pm

This is a fun one! Looking at examples of sustainable architecture and engaging public art, students will get to do building through a little model and a larger collaborative group project. We will investigate drawing through plan, section, and elevation with a variety of drawing and collage media. We will look at contemporary public artists and encourage families on their own to tour local public art in our city by artists Abigail Gray Swartz, Rachel Gloria Adams, Ryan Adams, Ebenezer Akakpo, and Daniel Minter. Finally, we will get to create a projected mural in the studio and propose a real piece of public art for the City of Portland!

wk 9  pt 2 – telling stories
August 25, 26
Ages 8 – 14
9 am – 3 pm

As young authors, book artists, and illustrators in this fun and focused 2-day art camp for older kids, students will create individual and collaborative books. We will investigate books like zines, graphic comic books, and cookbooks. We will also explore multiple kinds of bookmarking binding and methods, and respond to the interests of the group, as we write and illustrate a story about who we are and the world around us connected to food (a story can be just pictures too!). We will explore various 2-d methods as part of this. Super engaged art camp for older kids to build confidence and do some studio art time before the start of school.

*extra info!
before art camp
> We will send you a welcome email before your art camp, reminding you of the camp ahead and anything you need to remember or bring.
> We will send you paperwork to fill out (we are working to make this online for the summer!)
> Come ready to have fun and become a part of the studio! It’s always good to wear clothes it’s OK to get dirty too.
> For morning sessions, just bring a water bottle, sun hat, sunscreen, extra mask, and little sweater in case it’s chilly. For a full day, all of the above plus a snack + lunch (we take a break for both).

Each camp has an innovative, funky and fun, project-based curriculum that we adjust slightly to the energy and members of the group. Our projects are influenced by nature, and contemporary/historical artists and change-makers. Specific books will be carefully curated to align with the themes of each week, with thoughtful, caring discussions, playful games, nurturing fun yoga, some singing and play interwoven into each day. All materials are high quality, sustainably and mindfully chosen–recycled/repurposed or ethically made. Each day, a different art process in the studio greets the children and launches our work together!
Besides the fun thematic projects, we will weave in choice time to paint on easels, play, and always deep and fun project work. Our creative teaching approach is inquiry-based, and responsive, and we support and respect the curiosity and imagination of the young child.

We welcome and celebrate a group of mixed-age children and work to give camp choices to accommodate. Each art camp will be run by a team of highly trained and thoughtful teachers, with engaged interns.

some of our values
With backgrounds as studio/craft/public artists and designers, certified art teachers, Waldorf inspired/trained, advanced degrees, service learning, college teaching experience, contemporary art education pedagogy of all kinds and more. We work to craft, reflect, and put into action our values that are focused on respecting the individual child and creating projects and processes that are responsive to each studio group. We weave books in every day that are directed towards opening our minds to be deeply caring and embracing of the diversity of humans and nature. Other values include:
* The whole child: social & emotional development, inclusion within a deeply caring and welcoming community
* Child as a communicator + poet: language development through participation, listening, art
* Child as co-creator: project-based, hands-on, individual learning and collaboration
* Child as artist: centering arts, creativity + imagination in all we do
* Child as informed citizen: community member, global + ecological participant. We care for each other, and develop our ability to.

waiting list
Please make sure to view our contact form on our contact page and submit your camp week choices if you would like to be on our waiting list! Please also know we sometimes do open up camp spots, and we also will continue to add in 1-time workshops, so get on that list!

cancellation policy
If Love Lab Studio needs to cancel for any reason, we will give the following options to families: a combination of gift card with an art kit. We would work hard to create make up class options too.  If families need to cancel for any reason, we will allow up to 14 day notice before camp starts and can refund less a 20% processing fee. If cancellation occurs within the 14 day period, no refunds are available. If your child is sick and you need to cancel, we can offer to make you a special super art kit! We want to be supportive of your families so we will do what we can!

healthy community
For the safety and health of all, we will have a robust Covid process, which we will need everyone to adhere to in order to have a safe community. We will send out our Covid care plan before camp. We feel confident we can pull it off, and our teachers have been teaching all year so have our processes down. Currently, we are wearing masks in the studio, but take mask breaks outside when working in our studio courtyard and in the park!

our space
Our space is fun and joyful, bright and renovated, known as Love Lab Studio. The design is thoughtfully curated for the needs of the children. We are located at 26 Brackett Street, a mixed residential and retail neighborhood in the West End of Portland, at the edge of a beautiful park and playground and a nearby urban food forest. This year, our camp will happen both inside our studio (with windows open, ceiling fans and Hepa filters on) and outside in our temporary outside studio patio garden.

Additional information

Camp Choices

jam it up: music + art – August 1, 2, 3 (Mixed ages 7 – 12), my favorite animal – August 8, 9, 10 (Younger kids 4 – 8), fashion, dolls, community + me – August 15, 16, 17 (Mixed ages 6 – 12), art in the world: public art + architecture – August 22, 23, 24 (Mixed ages 7 – 12), telling stories – August 25, 26 (Ages 8 – 14)