studio art date night! (for the kids)


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studio art date night! (for the kids + you!)
grown-ups: go have fun on a date! 
(for kids! you drop them off for a super fun art time!)

> Friday, May 26, 5 – 7 pm
spring animal PUPPETS
Grown-ups…go have a date!
We;ve got the kiddos covered!
Working with cloth + other mediums, we will be doing hand-sewing plus small painting and gluing on of whiskers and little cuteness. We will also be making food for our puppets, some other fun surprises. Towards the end of this workshop, we will have a fun projection on the wall and our puppets can play + dance in it!

Playing fun music and really livening things up for this special date – your art teachers/art assistants will be Christina B and also super seamstress Maizie.
Please bring your water bottle (and eat a good dinner before!)
We will wear masks as usual but will have a fun little snack of popcorn (organic non gmo-himalayan sea salt brand) + clementines too. (we can shift snack needs according to parent requests if allergies). Maisie and I are so excited for this! – Christina
Mixed ages 5 – 12 welcome!!

If you are signing up more than 1 child (sibling or friend date) and it helps your family, enter sibling10 for 10% off

At the studio!  – Love Lab Studio @ 26 Brackett Street, Portland Maine, adjacent to a beautiful city park and nearby playground. We are located in a mixed residential and commercial area, and usually, there is usually ample parking available but be mindful in the winter. We are located across from “good medicine” a space for healers and doctors, and we are right next door to the cute cafe “smalls”, and diagonal to the lovely Harbor View Park. There is a playground on Tyng Street just down the block where we can watch the bridge and birds from the swingset. 

1. We still wear masks at the studio (except for snack time!), we are asking that all families consider wearing a KF94 mask for children if they haven’t already. Please do not come if you are sick, or think you are getting sick! If you have a question about this please ask Christina. Think of the CDC regulations, then with even more care. We do this for many reasons, and really appreciate you all helping us keep the community healthy right now. Also, if you miss because of sickness we will work hard to get you an art kit or make-up option if you let us know before the workshop, by emailing or texting/calling us 207.332.5790. 

2. Prior to starting class, each parent/guardian must sign our online forms (including media form, release form, and other important info) that will arrive in your welcome email! Please bring a water bottle, a little sweater (we keep it warm so not a worry), and a cozy pair of slippers if you want (socks are OK too, and what we teachers wear). Before this date night workshop – have dinner! We will have a light snack but want everyone ready to go!

You will arrive at the bright studio usually with nice quiet music playing, take off your shoes, find a cubby/hooks to store your things, then wash your hands at the art sink. After that, we have a project at the big tables to get into right away as a warm-up and jump into the fun! We usually have a teacher supporting children to find their cubbies and wash their hands (especially for our youngest artists). The children do their warm-up project first. After that, we gather and circle up to go through our activity areas and project theme and then get to it! For this date night special offering, the vibe will be different – more fun like “out on the town” but with still all our good calm and organized studio energy. We are so excited for this!

Watch for your email for the forms to sign, and please watch for other studio events and workshops!

We look forward to working with you in the studio!

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