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Drawing Studio
This is an exciting new offering for our slightly older artists, totally focused on drawing! We will move through a curriculum that explores drawing mediums (graphite, pencil, charcoal, etc) and methods (gesture, contour, observational, spatial learning). We hope to build upon this series! Each artist will leave with some drawings, a sketchbook, and some new skills + drawing confidence!

January 14, 21, 28
Saturdays 1 – 2:30
> super sweet mixed-age workshop, ages 9-14!

The lead teacher for this is Christina B, she is trained in a range of creative educational pedagogies and has been both an elementary school Art teacher and an Associate professor of Art. Christina has taught drawing to children and also to students at Maine College of Art (foundation drawing) and University of Detroit School of Architecture (foundation drawing, figure drawing, 2-d design). She has studied art teaching in Italy (Reggio Emilia pedagogy), Mexico (craft and community teaching pedagogy), France (Art in the Paris school system and museums) and more. Our assistant teacher team pulls from a range of Maine art teachers, past art teachers, and skilled, thoughtful with children local creatives. We just love making art with and creating space for children to be creative!

For this workshop the cost is $135 with the option to donate an extra $10.  This workshop includes lead trained teacher Christina Bechstein, plus trained assistants and art teacher assistants. The cost also includes materials and tools for the children!

At the studio!  – Love Lab Studio @ 26 Brackett Street, Portland Maine, adjacent to a beautiful city park and nearby playground. We are located in a mixed residential and commercial area, and usually, there is usually ample parking available but be mindful in the winter. We are located across from “good medicine” a space for healers and doctors, and we are right next door to the sweet new cafe “smalls”, and diagonal to the lovely Harbor View Park.

1. We are asking that all families consider wearing a KF94 or N95 mask for children if they haven’t already. Please do not come if you are sick, or think you are getting sick! If you have a question about this please ask Christina. Think of the CDC regulations, then with even more care. We do this for many reasons, and really appreciate you all helping us keep the community healthy right now. Also, if you miss because of sickness we will work hard to get you some make-up options so please don’t worry!

2. Prior to starting class, each parent/guardian must sign our online forms that will arrive in your welcome email!n extra one, plus bring a water bottle, a little sweater, and a cozy pair of slippers if you have them (socks are OK too and what we wear) in our studio during the fall and winter. Prior to starting class, each student must sign and return our student info sheet packet (includes media form, release form, and other important info).