Beeswax brilliant bee coloring crayons


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> Beeswax brilliant bee coloring crayons  (set of 12) 
This is one of several of our favorite crayons to use in the studio! We like to peel off the labels, to really help hand grip and get right to work. The colors are super bright on all surfaces/colors, and because they are triangles. One other thing we love is that these non-toxic crayons are triangles so they don’t roll away when you work. Save the cute. box too for storing or making more art of them. Set of 12.

How do I pick up my kit?
Current Scheduling for Pick-ups for this week:

We will be posting pick-up times weekly during the holiday season.
For the week of Dec 20th, pick up hours are:
Sunday, Dec 20th, 12pm – 3pm
Monday, Dec 21st, 9am- 3pm
Tuesday, Dec 22nd, 9am – 3pm
Wednesday, Dec 23rd, 9am – 3pm

We are so happy to be able to do a curbside pick-up for Art kits at the studio:
Love Lab Studio, 26 Brackett St, Portland Maine, in Portland’s sweet west end! It’s a fun way to wave through the window, see our changing studio window display, and is very safe.  For this week, please reach out if you need us to deliver. Email us or leave notes if you want to try to arrange express shipping via UPS for you, or we can deliver if you need just be in touch.
Thank you for your support + love for a healthy, creative, safe + happy holidays!

How are we keeping things safe + healthy?
*Please Note: Curb-side pick-up Instructions:

We strictly follow the City of Portland, Maine guidelines for the safety of all customers. Please call us when you arrive, and we will put your bag outside on our bench table or yellow giraffe shelf.  Look for our phone number printed on our studio door OR call or text: 207.332.5790. We wash, and then sanitize our hands and wear masks when placing bags, and ask that customers consider doing the same. Please also maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from any other people, including us, in front of the studio, and wait in your car or across the street if another person is out front picking up.