April Spring Art Camp!

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April Spring Art Camp!
This “art camp at home” spring art camp will be a fun combination of delivered art kits, videos to make projects, and daily zoom with children! (This is our 2-day studio art camp that we have translated into a new fun 5-day structure!)

OPTION 1 ( weekly material package, daily videos + projects, daily zoom) FULL please contact us for waiting list
This is what you can expect:

1. A fun, playful but structured, 5 day, morning projects “art camp at home”. We weave in tender and joyfully structured prompts for you and your children. Optional afternoon projects.

2. You will be delivered prior to camp a  fun, curated small package/kit of supplies, and you will also need to collect a few things around the house/in nature too. (we will send you the list!). Our list will also give you options for the afternoon if you and your child want to choose from them! (see our super safety notes below)**

3. Each early morning you will receive the theme for the day, a video to watch and creative prompts. It will include step by step, some room for play, rhythm – and inside/outside options. We are good at keeping it simple, doable, easy and inspiring. note: videos include my daughter Melu, who is also in the camp, we find it softens things to have another child vs just a teacher in videos- and makes it feel more like fun(!) and less like school!

4. Each morning we will gather in a group on ZOOM to sing morning songs +  read a book. We will also experiment with some community building methods, to really tend to the children finding ways of feeling connected to one another during this time. We will experiment with a little yoga + dancing, just like we would in the studio!
note: some families do not do ZOOM, with younger children, we totally understand, if so, please let us know. If so, we will send you a video so you can learn the morning song. We can experiment as we go and support each family with where they are at.

Daily themes for Spring art camp
Monday: Gardens! (pop-up garden planning + planting!)
Tuesday:  Birds! (hand-made tools, looking/making/loving feather friends)
Wednesday: Earth, we love you! (honoring the earth with art + collecting boards/bags)
Thursday: Natures ink! (make our own art supplies)
Friday: Little buds (more art + closing up our week with community art)

We are thinking of all of you at this time.
I really hope we can be a helpful and joyful presence for you and your children right now.
Much love, Christina + Love Lab teacher team

**Super safety notes
: We take impeccable care with every package, we wear gloves and a mask when packing and delivering, and each bag is packed by Christina (my small family is entirely self-isolated we only do curbside for groceries and wear gloves/masks outside at all times). New materials or hard surfaces we wipe down with hot soapy water and 7th generation wipes. Each bag will be prepped at least 1 day in advance to sit pre-delivery, and then we will deliver it at least 1 day before camp so it will have sat for at least 48 hours). We ask also that as you integrate recycled materials into our projects, that you take special precautions that they are also safe to use, washing with hot soapy water if possible, sitting for the required time and other recommended procedures to keep your family healthy.


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